Spain: ‘I sh*t on God!’ — Actor Toledo released after blasphemy charges

Spanish actor and left-wing activist Willy Toledo was released from custody by the Madrid provincial court on Thursday after being arrested for a court violation regarding blasphemy charges. Toledo was summoned to appear the next day, but after publicly declaring that he would not appear, he was arrested. He was subsequently released after deposing before the judge. Toledo said he did not... Еще answer to the judge's questions because Spain needs a debate on whether articles in the Penal Code that sanction blasphemy are really democratic. «I sh*t on God, and I sh*t on the Virgin Mary and I have enough sh*t to sh*t on the religious dogma of the holiness and virginity of Mary 27,000 times, as everybody who is in front of me right now does every day of their lives,» Toledo said after his release. Toledo had published a post on Facebook in 2017, admonishing the Spanish court for charges laid against three women in Seville who, in 2014, had paraded a large model of a vagina through the city streets in an imitation of a religious procession, dubbing it the 'Insubordinate P*ssy.'

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