Spain: 'I just listened to the screams' — local gives eyewitness account of Las Ramblas

When the van was running over people, I was at home, not looking [out of] the balcony. I just saw immediately after, when I listened to the screams and I went to the balcony to see. Then I could still see people running away screaming. It was a really very worrying situation. Then I saw the police arriving, the ambulances and so on. The central promenade and two lanes for cars at the side, and... Еще this van went onto the central promenade and [was] running over all the people that were there. At that hour in August, there is everywhere Europeans on holiday. There were many, many people there, full of people all day. More or less all year, especially in August, so there were a lot of people, it was very crowded. Yes, just in front I see the van. I can see the van stopped here, 10 metres from the balcony.» Everybody was afraid that this could happen but until now you see them on TV and you think, this is something that happens very far [away]. You don’t think it will happen here until suddenly you find it.» *JUMP CUT AT SOURCE* Spanish local Eduardo Elias recounted what he saw when a van rammed into a crowd in Barcelona, when speaking from his home near Las Ramblas street, Thursday. Elias looked over his balcony when he heard screams coming from the street. He saw the whole street «full of people on the floor» and «a lot of blood». He described how Las Ramblas had been packed with tourists at the time the attack took place. In regards to the response from emergency services, Elias said «police appeared everywhere immediately,» and the area was full of police «within seconds.» According to Elias, the ambulances took longer to arrive, but this could have been because his house was at the far end of the street. A van mowed down people in Las Ramblas, central Barcelona, on Thursday. Police have reported that the incident has already claimed the lives of 13 people. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) have claimed responsibility.
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