Spain: Hundreds of thousands of unionists march in Barcelona

Thousands of Unionist protesters marched through streets of Barcelona, Sunday against Catalan independence. The march comes after numerous pro-independence rallies on streets of Barcelona that have occurred since the referendum for the region was held on October 1st. According to Societat Civil Catalana (Catalan Civil Society), who organised the event, about 930,000 people joined the march... Еще, however police put the number at 350,000. Dozens in the crowd abused sections of the Catalan media who were covering the march. While at the numerous sites in and around the march some protesters gave Nazi salutes. Former President of European Union,Josep Borrell, addressed to the crowd, saying he predicted that more banks and business would leave the region, if the independence would take place. The Catalan referendum was deemed 'illegal' and 'unconstitutional' by the Spanish government, who sent thousands of police officers to shut down polling stations leading to clashes. Hundreds of injuries were reported by Catalan authorities over the course of October 1.

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