Spain: Hundreds of teenagers don blackface for 'Three Wise Men' parade

An estimated 450 teenagers dressed up as royal pages and put on blackface as part of the oldest 'Three Wise Men' parade in Spain, in Alcoy on Sunday. The parading 'pajes' paint their faces black, dress up in black clothing and draw on big red lips as part of the annual Three Wise Men celebrations. During the parade, the pages climb up ladders to deliver gifts to children through the balconies of... Еще local homes. The portrayal of the 'pajes' has received criticism from anti-racism groups in recent years, who consider the practice part of a broader historical process of dehumanisation and othering linked to slavery and colonialism. «The pajes, as you can see, are no pejorative figure. There is no discrimination here, there is no issue here that could be controversial. On the contrary, it brings pride to all the young people of Alcoy being able to portray the pajes in their city,» said Deputy Mayor of Alcoy Jordi Martinez. In Spain, the Three Wise Men celebrations, which take place on January 5 and 6, mark the end of the Christmas season as a day commemorating the arrival of the Three Wise Men.

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