Spain: Hundreds of protesters hit Barcelona following election deadlock

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Barcelona, on Monday, after Spain's acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) won parliamentary elections but fell short of securing the majority, leaving the country in a political deadlock. «I'm here especially for what happened in the elections because it looks to me like a big change in Spanish society. I... Еще'm not Catalan, I'm not pro-independence, but I am out in the streets because I have to defend what's happening here, that doesn't seem very normal to me,» said Sergi, one of the protesters. Commenting on the protest organised the same day by 'Democratic Tsumani' — pro-Catalan independence group — blocking the AP7 motorway between Spain and France, Mireia, one of the protesters, said: «It's ok for me because it's to claim that we are totally against it, and Catalan people have to fight and people in Europe have to hear us.» Spanish general elections, held on Sunday, ended up in a deadlock for the fourth time in four years. The PSOE secured 120 seats with conservative People's Party (PP) getting 88 and far-right Vox 52 seats in the 350-seat Congress of Deputies. With the grand coalition of PP and PSOE being ruled out by the latter, Sanchez is now facing the task of securing support of the smaller parties.

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