Spain: Hundreds light-up Barcelona in solidarity for jailed leaders

Hundreds of protesters with cell phone flashlights and glow sticks formed a ribbon of solidarity for the imprisoned Catalan leaders at Sant Jaume Square in Barcelona on Thursday. Organised by National Catalan Assembly and Omnium Cultural, protesters marked one month since pro-independence leaders Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart were first arrested, followed by the imprisonment of eight members... Еще of the Catalan government weeks later. Omnium Cultural spokesperson Marcel Mauri called onto the crowd to continue demands «to stop the violence, the repression, to stop the 155 and that all of them [imprisoned leaders] return home,» adding that despite ''illegitimate'' elections set for December 21 «sovereignty and separatism [...] are going to win.» Vice president of ANC National Catalan Assembly Agusti Alcoberro, read a note sent out today by Jordi Sanchez where he wrote, «those who are imprisoned or waiting for the Belgian justice's decision, we are clearly decided to continue. We won't abdicate anymore to build a free country, with democracy and absolute freedom.» Green balloons were also held in front of the Catalan Government with each balloon representing each one of the prisoners. Former President of Catalan National Assembly (ANC) Jordi Sanchez and the former President of Omnium Cultural Jordi Cuixart were sent to jail on October 16 by a High Court judge. The investigation into the pair stems from a September 20 protest in which a massive crowd blocked Spanish Civil Guard officers inside a government building in Barcelona. The judge ruled the two must remain in prison without bail..

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