Spain: Hundreds demand justice for victims of Franco-era

On the anniversary of the coup led by military dictator Franciso Franco, which started the Spanish Civil War in 1936, about three hundred people demanded justice for the victims of the Franco-era with a protest in Madrid. Demonstrators and relatives of those who went missing during the ensuing Franco-era gathered with portraits of their loved ones in the capital city on Wednesday. There they... Еще condemned legislation which guarantees impunity for Francoist crimes, including the Law of Amnesty, and demanded that victims of the coup should be guaranteed the right to truth, justice and compensation. One protester, Rosa Moreno Carranza, said that in order for this to happen all Francoists must be pushed from places of power: «First thing: we must kick all the Francoist people from the institutions, because they are still running them, you know? And until we purge this, we will not be able to achieve much.» Another attendee and grandson of the communist leader Juana Dona tortured under Franco's regime, Alexis Meson, stated that there still exists a huge debt to the victims. «They [the government] have not done anything yet to recognise all the victims and all the people who fought against the dictatorship. There was a coup, 82 years ago, by Franco, and all the courage of the people who fought and defended the Republic has not been recognised yet.» The demonstration was organised by a collective called the National Collective of Historical Memory and Franco's Victims Groups. Several deputies from Madrid's Government attended the event, including Deputy Mayor of Madrid Mauricio Valiente, Compromis Senator Carles Mulet, Izquierda Unida Deputy Eva Garcia Sempere and Co-Founder of Podemos Miguel Urban. General Francisco Franco ruled over Spain from 1939 until his death in 1975.

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