Spain: Huge queues at Barcelona airport as staff go on strike

Thousands of passengers were left queuing for hours at Barcelona-El Prat Airport, Friday, as security staff checking carry-on luggage went on strike during the holiday-season peak. The chaos was caused after the staff of security company Eulen decided to go on strike. The workforce have planned a series of mini hour-long strikes starting from Friday, and on Wednesday voted for an indefinite... Еще strike beginning on August 14 or 15. Despite the delays, many of the passengers symapathised with the strike, saying «You put yourself in the shoes of a worker and you see on the news what their situation is like. They have their reasons.» “The difference is 150 euros between what the workers are demanding and the business is paying. So they get much better money over the course of a year, but the business earns millions in profits,» added the traveller. Airlines have asked passengers to arrive at airports three hours before departure instead of the usual two.

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