Spain: Greta Thunberg warns of 'climate emergency' at COP25 in Madrid

Greta Thunberg joined Luisa Neubauer and other youth climate activists from Russia, the US and Chile, among others, at a press conference of the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid on Monday. Thunberg opened the press conference by saying that she would not make statements to «let others speak,» especially she said people «from the global south and from indigenous communities» as «the... Еще climate emergency» is «already affecting countless of people today.» «We are privileged, and our stories have been told many times over and over again, and it is not our stories that need to be told and listened to,» said Thunberg before giving the floor to other young activists. Russian climate activist Arshak Makichyan demanded action on the climate crisis, saying, «You have seen everything — extinction of species, flooding, hunger and death. Is it not enough for you?» Activist from the US Rose Whipple claimed that the climate crisis «is more than a discussion about a 1.5 degree Celsius, it also looks like stolen and in-caged children at the US-Mexico border, it looks like missing and murdered indigenous women, people are dying, indigenous land defenders are being murdered.» Coordinator of Fridays for Future in Santiago, Angela Valenzuela, argued that «the rich and powerful seem happy to sacrifice our communities in the pursuit of profit.» The 2019 COP25 is taking place in Madrid from December 2 to 13, under the presidency of the Chilean government.

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