Spain: Girona UGT plans demos in support of imprisoned Catalan minister Dolors Bassa

The General Union of Workers (UGT) held a meeting in Girona, on Monday, where they sought to show support for former Catalan minister Dolors Bassa i Coll, to call for her release from prison. The organisation used the meeting to plan demonstrations and strike actions in support of imprisoned Catalan leaders. UGT General Secretary Camil Ros explained, «Today we have summoned this act as the UGT... Еще. It is an act we would never have wanted to summon, because it means that Dolors is in prison.» He went on to say, «What unites us all is a call for general mobilisation and, therefore, all the mobilisations, and especially the demonstrations that take place in the streets, will fill the streets to demand the freedom of Dolors and of all the imprisoned people.» Bassa was the Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Families in the Catalan Generalitat, and was dismissed on October 27, along with the rest of the regional government.

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