Spain: Gassed up for independence, Catalan petrol station circumvents Spanish taxes

A petrol station in Barcelona has taken the decision to pay taxes directly to the Catalan financial department rather than to the Spanish Ministry of Finance, its owner said on Monday. Pro-independence owner of the Petrolis per la Independencia station Joan Canadell described the process as «alegal,» meaning that it is neither illegal nor upheld by the law. He asserted, «We fill out the same... Еще forms, as we would to the Spanish finance Ministry but the payment is made to the Catalan Finance Department. After that, we fill in a document that informs the Spanish Finance Ministry that the payment has been made to the Catalan Finance Department.» «We have been pro-independence for years and we believe that the best thing for Catalonia and Catalan entrepreneurs is independence,» Canadell declared. Fiscal and taxation control is one of the major grievances Catalan separatists cite in the case for independence, claiming that Madrid takes more out of the region than it puts in. Catalan President Puigdemont had signed a declaration of Catalan independence following the October 1 referendum, but halted its execution to allow for negotiations. He has since been given a deadline by the Spanish government to clarify his position on Catalan independence, which was extended to Thursday after its expiration on Monday.

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