Spain: Flamenco 'Tablao' Torres Bermejas reopens after COVID-19 closure

Madrid's iconic Torres Bermejas 'tablao,' a venue where flamenco performances can be seen, reopened to the public after being closed for seven months due to restrictions related to the coronavirus, on Saturday. Footage shows a flamenco performance on the 'tablao' stage, which now requires visitors to wear a mask and must also provide sanitising gel dispensers on the tables, as well as maintaining a transparent acrylic screen to separate the audience from the artists. «We never thought that things would be so bad on the 10th of October, it is really bad for tablaos, I think it is one of the most damaged sectors,» said Federico Escudero, owner of the Torres Bermejas 'tablao' and president of ANTFES (National Association of Flamenco Tablaos in Spain). Escudero hopes that the new health safety measures will bring back the audience to the 'tablao,' particularly tourists. «It's not bad at all, because the audience is responding, the national audience, but it's not our audience, so it's been a huge blow to us, in fact, here in Madrid they've already closed two of the most legendary ones and if they don't help us they're going to close many of them.» The Torres Bermejas 'tablao' was founded on 10 May 1960, and the most important figures of Spanish flamenco have performed on its stage, such as La Paquera de Jerez, Jose Mercè, La Chunga, and Camaron.

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