Spain: First day of mandatory masks in Mallorca as island welcomes tourists

Mallorca began its first day of mandatory mask usage on Monday, with fines for non-compliance expected to reach €100 ($114). Residents and visitors appeared mostly obedient, as police patrolled the heavily-trafficked areas around the port of Palma. «From my point of view, I think that the use of the mask, although it is okay to use it, I think that the fines are a bit exaggerated maybe, and well, they should have a little more patience in some cases, right?» said Juan Carlos, a resident. Spanish authorities recently shut down a popular area of the island known as 'Ballermann,' after tourists, many of whom were thought to be German, were seen flouting social-distancing and mask policies while they partied. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas reportedly called the behaviour dangerous and inconsiderate.

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