Spain: First bodies of coronavirus victims transferred to makeshift morgue in Madrid's Ice Palace

Vans belonging to the Military Emergency Unit (UME) arrived at the makeshift morgue set up at the Ice Palace in Madrid on Monday night to store the bodies of many of those who have died during Spain's COVID-19 outbreak. Footage shows the vehicles entering the Ice Palace while being guided by workers wearing protective suits to avoid the possibility of infection. The Ice Palace in Madrid is a... Еще commercial area that hosts a recreational ice skating rink of some 1,800 square meters (19,375 square feet). The location will serve as a morgue while the traditional funeral services in the Spanish capital have become overcrowded due to the sheer amount of deaths relating to COVID-19. Spain has thus far recorded 33,089 confirmed cases of coronavirus throughout the country, leading to 2,182 deaths, according to data provided by the Spanish Ministry of Health. Nationwide, 2,355 people remain in Intensive Care Units (ICU). Most of the cases of infection and deaths from COVID-19 have been in the Community of Madrid, with 10,575 cases and 1,263 deaths in the region so far.

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