Spain: Farmers protest outside Catalan prison in support of jailed leaders

Farmers brought their tractors to Lledoners prison in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada on Saturday to demonstrate in support of Catalonia's jailed leaders. During the protest farmers were set to form the word 'freedom' with their tractors. «The system that was used by the Spanish state to address the Catalan problem, regardless of whether one supports the independence movement or not, is not democratic... Еще, and it most certainly does not provide solutions. Therefore, we are here to demand freedom for the imprisoned [Catalan leaders], but also to claim democracy and freedom for all the country, for Catalonia and the rest of Spain, because the anti-democratic drift will end up affecting everyone, even if they don't realise it at the moment,» said Carles Mencos, the coordinator of Catalonia's Farmers' Union that organised the rally. Catalan politicians Oriol Junqueras, Joaquim Forn, Jordi Turull, Jordi Sanchez, Josep Rull, Raul Romeva and activist Jordi Cuixart are held in Lledoners prison after they were sentenced in October for their role in the region's failed independence referendum in 2017. They are among nine people who were handed lengthy prison sentences.
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