Spain: Far-right Vox party slams feminism at Madrid rally on Women's Day

Thousands of supporters of the far-right VOX party gathered at Palacio de Vistalegre in the Spanish capital on International Women's Day. The party has attacked the feminist protests scheduled for March 8 during a massive rally that has served as the final culmination of the Party's General Assembly in which Santiago Abascal was re-elected as party president for another four year term. «A man... Еще does not mistreat, an abuser mistreats. And a man does not humiliate, a coward humiliates,» said Macarena Olona, Vox's secretary general in the Congress of Deputies, adding «The rapist is not you because you are a man,» in reference to the song by the Chilean collective LasTesis ‘The rapist is you’ which has become a feminist anthem around the world. According to Javier Ortega Smith, VOX general secretary, «March 8th is a date to forget.» «Because on March 8, 1917, the Russian revolution began, and since then, 100 million human beings have lost their lives to one of the most denigrating, most criminal totalitarian ideologies,» he continued. Party leader Santiago Abascal, has attacked the new coalition government of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, stating that «it intends to confront genders, it has not saved a single woman, but it has destroyed equality before the law between men and women, the presumption of innocence and security in our streets.»

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