Spain: Far-right surges in Andalusian regional elections

Sevilla Madrid Madrid The far-right Vox party swept into the Andalusian parliament on Sunday, winning 12 out of a total 109 seats and far exceeding their expected results. «The Andalusians have made history and have said to all the Spanish people that finally there is a political force that can truly represent them. And it has ended 36 years of socialist corruption and has turned Andalusia... Еще away from the Chavez socialism represented by Pablo Iglesias and his team,» the party's president, Santiago Abascal, said, while addressing his jubilant supporters at a rally in Sevilla. Commenting on the election results, Juanma Moreno, the local leader of the Popular Party, said that «the monopoly of a single party has ended.» He also announced that he would try to replace the Socialists' incumbent president of the regional government, Susana Diaz. For that he would require the support of the centre-right Ciudadanos party and the far-right Vox. Meanwhile, Susana Diaz addressed a crowd in Madrid, and acknowledged the result was a real setback for the left in Andalusia. The election represents the first time that the nationalist surge that has swept across Europe in recent years has manifested in Spain, which was under the military dictatorship of Francisco Franco until his death in 1975. Restrictions: NO ACCESS SPAIN

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