Spain: Far-right party Vox holds anti-abortion rally in Seville

In an effort to raise awareness on their stance on abortion, the Spanish far-right party Vox held an anti-abortion rally in Seville on Saturday. From the early afternoon, a small crowd gathered around the Ronda de la Triana square, where Vox party members handed out flyers and fetus figurines, which were said to be a replica of a 14-week old human fetus. The party's spokesperson and president... Еще of Vox council in Seville, Cristina Pelaez, attended the rally, where she made strong criticisms of the government's reforms on abortion laws in the last 35 years. «Since 1985, two and a half millions of babies have been aborted in Spain. This is one of the key factors that explain our decaying numbers of births, which endangers the sustainability of the country,» Pelaez said, adding «Vox is now the only pro-life party in the Spanish parliament.» The event comes just a day after archbishop of Seville Juan Jose Asenjo reportedly requested that a planned mass in remembrance of aborted fetuses in 2019, which was organised by Vox, be cancelled.

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