Spain: Far-right groups heckle leftist marchers at Valencia flag parade

Spanish police officers were forced to keep protesters and rally participants apart during the Comunidad Valenciana (Day of the Valencian Community) parade outside City Hall in Valencia, Monday, as members of left-wing groups reportedly taking part in the event, including Compromis, were met with verbal abuse from members of far-right groups. Nationalist group Espana 2000 (Spain 2000) also... Еще marched through the city where they sought to emphasise their support for Spanish unity in the wake of the Catalan independence referendum. «It is important the presence of all Valencians, and in a moment like the current one, that we feel as Valencian, as Spaniards, [it] is more important than in a normal situation or in a normal year,» said Jose Luis Roberto, the Espana 2000 party leader. Valencia celebrates Comunidad Valenciana on October 9, with a flag parade during which the Valencia community's flag, the Senyera, is carried from the City Hall through the streets to the statue of James I. It is a historical commemoration of when King James I officially seized control of Valencia from Moorish forces in 1238.

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