Spain: Extinction Rebellion undress against 'greenwashing' at COP25

Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists undressed in protest against what they call 'greenwashing' at the COP25's 'Green Zone' in Madrid on Saturday. Mobile footage shows activists holding hands with slogans written on their bodies. «We want to highlight the fact that there is greenwashing going on with the COP25. And a lot of the companies that you see around here that say they are doing things for... Еще the environment are actually continuing to pollute and destroy the environment,» said one of protesters. Activists also denounced what they call the hypocrisy of Endesa, Spain's largest electric utility company. «Endesa alone produces 10 percent of carbon dioxide emissions of the Spanish state, and without a doubt it has the shamlessness of coming here to the green zone to do greenwashing,» one protester said. 'Green zone' at the UN's COP25 summit is a 3,000 square-metres space dedicated to raising awareness about the climate crisis and showcasing sustainable projects. Mandatory Credit: Extinction Rebellion Mandatory Credit: Extinction Rebellion

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