Spain: ‘Europe taught us a lesson’ — Catalan MP on Puigdemont release

Member of Catalan Parliament Eduard Pujol said that 'Europe has taught us a lesson' by releasing former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont on bail during a press statement in Barcelona on Thursday. «While the Spanish justice system continues defending and hiding behind this 'rebellion', and keeping innocent people in prison, today Europe taught us a lesson and has done exactly the opposite,» he... Еще said. Pujol added that it was 'great news' but urged caution since there is no guarantee Puigdemont will be able to return to Spain in the foreseeable future. Earlier in the day, a Schleswig-Holstein court in Germany released Puigdemont on bail and said that he will not be extradited on rebellion charges, but may still face a separate charge of corruption after he was arrested in northern Germany following a Euorpe-wide arrest warrant.

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