Spain: 'Europe, help us!' — Catalan lawyers draft formal complaint against Spanish govt.

One hundred and fifty Catalan judges, lawyers and prosecutors protested outside of Palace of Justice of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain, holding an official document of complaint drafted against the Spanish Government. The document was drafted in protest of the measures being taken by the Spanish government to halt Catalonia's independence referendum vote set to take place on October 1... Еще. Catalonian attorney Cesar Lagonigro, explained, «We have filed a complaint to make it clear that we believe that a crime of hatred has been committed against the citizens of our country.» He went on to say that «lawyers can't remain immobile, in the face of this legal abduction of illegal detention, violation of rights, entry and logs, illegal scams, without any kind of court order.» The Constitutional Court has suspended the Catalan referendum law, following an appeal from the Spanish government. It will be suspended until the court reaches a decision.

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