Spain: EU institutions leaders celebrate Spain at Princesa de Asturias awards ceremony

Leaders of the main European institutions celebrated Spain during the Princesa de Asturias awards ceremony in the northern Spanish city of Oviedo, on Friday. President of European Council Donald Tusk, President of European Parliament Antonio Tajani and President of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker received the 'Concord Award' on behalf of the European Union and held public speeches. As... Еще he delivered his speech, Junker said that Spain is a «driving force of Europe» and stressed that «without Spain, Europe would be poorer.» In its turn, Tajani touched on the aftermath of the Catalonian independence referendum, and noted: «When some people sow discord, voluntarily ignoring laws, I believe it's necessary to recall the importance of respecting the rule of law.» ll The President of European Parliament finally pointed out that «populists and nationalists» are still trying to create division within Europe, and advised them by saying that «they would do better in working for concord.» During the ceremony, King Felipe VI of Spain spoke against the Catalan independence movement, calling it an «unacceptable attempt of secession of one part of its [Spain's] national territory.» The monarch also announced that Spain would resolve the crisis through «its legitimate democratic institutions,» citing Spain's constitution and its 39 years of parliamentary democracy.

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