Spain: Entertainment industry workers protest in Madrid to demand more help

Musicians, artists, performers and technical crew members from the entertainment industry took to the streets of Madrid on Thursday to demand more help from the government after their industry was among the hardest hit by the social distancing measures put in place during the coronavirus outbreak. «We demand that they regulate the sector and that they regulate it through a collective agreement for the workers,» stated Alerta Roja spokesperson Begoa Cordero. Hundreds of workers from the sector joined the protests in Madrid alone, with protests also organised in 23 other Spanish cities, all led by the Alerta Roja organisation, a self-proclaimed unification movement for workers in the entertainment and event sectors. «They didn't approve any aid for the technicians, those who we call the men in black, because they're always in the shadows, they work from the shadows, but they're necessary, along with the infrastructure, the manufacturing companies, distributors, risk prevention, technical production, tents. We are a very wide and diverse sector,» explained Cordero. This industry has been plunged into one of its worst crises since the pandemic. In 2019, for example, live music in Spain generated €382 million euros ($453 million) and this year predicts losses of more than €600 ($711 million).

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