Spain: Dozens gather to protest clampdown on Islamic sacrificial ceremony

Dozens of protesters gathered at the border crossing between the Spanish enclave of Melilla and mainland Morocco to demonstrate against a perceived anti-Muslim move by the Spanish government, Wednesday. The demonstrators blocked the passage of vehicles over the border, as government authorities prevented the entry of sheep which were intended to be sacrificed as part of Passover in Abrahamic... Еще religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Members of the Muslim community gathered at the border to ensure a group of lambs were passed from Morocco into the Spanish enclave, however, authorities opted to seize the 11 sheep as well as detain two people. The eleven lambs are awaiting deportation to Morocco, although the two detainees were released. «The security body has not complied with the law today. We have complied with the law. The government has provoked us,» said President of the Coalition for Melilla Mustafa Aberchan.
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