Spain: 'Don't touch our education' — Barcelona teachers rally for Catalan education

At least a hundred people joined a teacher's protest in defence of the Catalonian education system in front of Barcelona city hall on Wednesday. Catalonia's education system is under threat following the Spanish government's decision to trigger Article 155 and thereby restore control over Catalonia. Demonstrators carried banners reading 'Do not touch our education' and 'Do not touch our... Еще teachers' as they rallied behind the major Catalonian teachers union USTEC — STEs. «The motto is clear, that they do not touch our education, in a sense of defending a Catalonian independent school, without intervention by the Popular Party» stated USTEC STEs spokesperson and teacher Ramon Fontand. «From Madrid, we teachers, have been accused of indoctrinating our students on the Catalonian independence, which is completely false», said science teacher Miquel Gene. In compliance with Article 155, the Spanish government may intervene in Catalonia's educational system alongside other institutions.

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