Spain: ‘Disproportionate oppression’ — Catalan trade union boss over referendum violence

Laura Pelay, Vice General Secretary of the Catalan Trade Union Association, gave an exclusive interview in Barcelona, Tuesday, as the entire region of Catalonia went on general strike in protest over the police violence over the weekend’s referendum. Speaking about the reasons behind trade union support for the strike, Pelay said that “We support it because of the violence on the referendum day... Еще. When citizens decide to use their constitutional rights to vote and we were deprived of it, police acted with disproportionate oppression.” “We are in shock at the disproportional violent response from Madrid. Spanish government closed its eyes at the police violence and demonstrated complete incompetence to dialogue and building a political solution to this crisis,” said Pelay. Catalan officials said 844 people were injured in clashes on Sunday, including 33 police officers. Catalonia held a referendum on October 1 to decide on the region’s independence, with the Spanish government deeming the action “illegal” and “unconstitutional”.

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