Spain: ‘Dialogue is impossible’ — Hundreds rally for 'The Republic' in Girona

Hundreds of people rallied in Girona on Sunday, in support of the results of the 1 October referendum and in favour of proclaiming the Catalan Republic. The rally was organised by the Girona Vota foundation, and saw demonstrators filling up one of Girona's historic squares in front of the city hall. Speakers called on Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont to «quickly apply» the result of the... Еще referendum, while banners reading 'the people have decided, republic now!' dominated the scene. Part of the rally then moved to the sub-delegation of the Spanish Government and to local National Police offices. Puigdemont is expected to respond on Monday to the Spanish government's requirement that he confirm his decision regarding Catalonia's independence. He has announced on Sunday that «peace and democracy will be the reasons of decisions to be made.»

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