Spain: Deputy PM praises Puigdemont's arrest in Germany

Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria praised the arrest of former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont in Germany, speaking from Madrid on Monday. «It's appeasing to see that the institutions work and in Spain we are all equal in the eyes of the law, and that nobody can keep mocking the justice system indefinitely,» she said. «I think it's good news and clarifies that Europe... Еще is also a lawful place, where each of us trust the proceedings and the democracy of the whole, and together we manage to advance in the respect of the law and democracy,» she added. Puigdemont was stopped by police when he was crossing the German border from Denmark on Sunday. He was reportedly en route to Hamburg, from where he is believed to have intended to return to Belgium. Puigdemont reportedly travelled with four other people, whose identities have not been disclosed, aboard a Renault Espace vehicle. The vehicle was driving on the A-7 motorway before it was intercepted at 11:17 local time by the German police between the towns of Schuby and Jagel, some 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) south of the border between Germany and Denmark. Puigdemont could see himself extradited to Spain following the issue of an international arrest warrant over his participation in the Catalan independence declaration last year.

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