Spain: Deportations to Algeria continue amid migrant death outcry

Protesters gathered outside of the Archidona migrant detention centre on Monday, to protest against the deportation of around 50 Algerian citizens. Demonstrators gathered outside of the detention centre and tried to stop the chartered buses from leaving. The number of deportations has been on the rise ever since the death of a migrant who reportedly committed suicide in his cell. For... Еще Belgian protester Axel Mieit, the entire process is «illegal» as the migrants cannot receive «adequate» help where they are. According to spokesperson of 'Plataforma Ciudadana Contra el CIE' Ruben Quirante, «the Spanish government has been illegal from the first moment, beginning by locking them in a jail instead of an internment centre.» On December 29, a 36-year-old Algerian national was found dead in his cell and suicide has been reported as the cause of death. Archidona’s jail was converted into 'an internment centre for foreigners' last November to cope with the increasing number of migrants arriving from Murcia.

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