Spain: Democracy 1 — Protesters 0! Anti-independence rally tries and fails to tear banner from town hall

A protester against Catalan independence attempted to tear down a pro-independence banner, hanging from Barcelona's town hall in the Placa Sant Jaume, on Saturday night. After trying to pull it down for over a minute, the man just peeled off the bottom edge of the bottom of the large banner, letting himself down without it. The large banner continued to hang over the town hall, reading «More... Еще Democracy» in Catalan, in an allusion to Madrid refusing to recognise the region's upcoming independence referendum as legitimate. Protesters against the independence referendum convened in Barcelona, on Saturday, to denounce the vote to be held the next day. The Catalan government has called a referendum on October 1 that has been deemed “illegal” by the Spanish government. The Constitutional Court has suspended the Catalan referendum law, following an appeal from the Spanish government. It will be suspended until the court reaches a decision.

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