Spain: Defiant Catalonian valley could seek its own independence

The Aran Valley in Catalonia could defy the recent independence referendum outcome and declare its own independent rule from Catalonia due to clause within the Catalan constitution. The regions officials and local citizens talked to Ruptly on Friday in the valley's biggest city and capital Vielha. The town's deputy mayor, Maria Verges, said that if Catalonia becomes independent «it is difficult... Еще to pressure Aran to be part of an independent Catalonia by force. The social basis at this moment isn't enough at all to support this option.» Josep Calbeto, Vielha's former mayor, explained, «We're a small country. We have our own language, our culture. Since the year 1175, we have our rights recognised,» adding that, «We feel Catalan and we feel Spanish, but we are Aranese». Due to a 2015 law passed by the Catalan parliament, the right for the region in the Pyrenees mountains to declare its own autonomy exists, and in the October 1 referendum the valley's citizens voted overwhelmingly against the independence. The Aran Valley accounts for a mere 10,000 of the Catalan population, and relies heavily on its winter seasonal tourism for income through skiing resorts.

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