Spain: ‘CUP is negotiating with Junts pel Si to proclaim Catalan Republic’

Mireia Boya, president of Catalonian Parliamentary Group of the Popular Unity Candidacy, announced on Tuesday they are negotiating with the parliamentary group Junts pel Si to find the best solution to proclaim a republic. She said: «We are announcing that we're in negotiations with the parliamentary group Junts pel Si to try to find the best moment and the best formula to proclaim the Republic... Еще, the transition law and start once and for all the constituent process. I won't give details on the form and day and state of the talks because we are facing a repressive moment that we cannot control and that can have serious consequences for us, the members of the parliament and our institutions.» Mireia Boya added: «The Spanish National Court is the nowadays Tribunal of Public Order (former court for political crimes during the dictatorship) and here the Spanish state is prosecuting ideas and this is extremely serious. Not only there is no separation of powers in Spain, they've also decided to ban dissent and has to answer the dialogue requested t by President Puigdemont in a letter last Monday, by creating new political prisoners. The answer to dialogue is more political prisoners.» Junts pel Si forms the current Catalan government with 62 seats, having the support of the CUP with 10 seats in turn. Opposition parties share the rest 63 seats.

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