Spain: Confused by Catalan independence? It’s easy as A-B-C!

While most adults can be found scratching their heads about the twists and turns of the Catalan independence vote, youngsters can now flick through a colourful cartoon style book entitled the ‘ABC of Independence’ being sold across Barcelona on Wednesday. The book contains 24 pages with letters offering a very basic understanding of the crisis gripping Spain. ‘I’ is obviously for independence... Еще, ‘S’ stands for ‘Si’ as in the Spanish for ‘yes’ and so on. It explains the key phrases, parties, and building associated with the fight for independence. The book was first published in 2014 in times of non-binding independence vote and recently resurfaced on bookshelves. While some have questioned the politics behind a book clearly aimed at the young, most people on the streets of Barcelona seemed unfazed. One said: «It is not something that is imposed on us, or that they tell you if you don't do it like that you won't learn it.» Quim, a professor at Ramon Llull University, said: «We could understand people to be worried — and it would be to be — if this would be a book within the educational system and the curriculum of schools, but it is not like that». Some were a bit more sceptical saying that «there is no need to put political messages in the books.»

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