Spain: ‘Coast cleaning donkeys' come to help as volunteers rid beaches of plastic waste

The 'Burros Limpiacostas' ( literally 'Coast cleaning donkeys') initiative has been using these animals to clean the beaches in the province of Huelva, as footage filmed on Wednesday in Matalascanas shows. Volunteers in yellow vests can been seen collecting plastic waste the and throwing it into saddlebags. Donkeys make It possible to keep the beaches clean without using trucks or other machinery, thus reducing pollution and environmental impact. «Donkeys do not suffer at all. On the contrary, it is fun for them. They are having a great time, and at the end of the day they are provided with fresh water and they are allowed to be around here hanging out and acting as if they were small children,” said Maria Jessica Heredia Salvador, coordinator of the project. Volunteers have been able to collect 20 large bags of garbage every day working for just a few hours. .

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