Spain: 'Clown' protesters decry Catalan president's ban from office

Hundreds of protesters donned red clown noses and rallied in front of the police headquarters in Barcelona on Saturday, to decry the disqualification of Catalan President Quim Torra from his post by the Central Electoral Board (CEB). The protesters, rallied under the motto 'N'estem fins als nassos' (literally we have had up to our noses, figuratively we've had enough), were wearing clown attires... Еще while dancing and chanting slogans. One of the demonstrators, Miquel, said that he is defending «the freedom of our people, the democracy of this country, and the freedom of the Catalan political prisoners and the exiled.» The regional President of Catalonia Quim Torra was disqualified from his seat in the regional parliament by Spain's electoral board on Friday. Torra qualified the resolution as «authoritarian and completely irregular.»

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