Spain: Ciutadans celebrate pyrrhic Catalan election victory in Barcelona

Scores attended the celebratory rally of the pro-unity Ciutadans (Ciudadanos) party in Barcelona after winning the majority of votes in the Catalan elections on Thursday. However, Ciutadans' victory was overshadowed by the pro-independence parties managing to secure sufficient parliament seats to form a ruling coalition. «The nationalist parties will never be able to talk in name of all... Еще Catalonia anymore, because Catalonia is all of us and that has been made very clear,» said spokesperson Ines Arrimadas on stage. A total of 81.94% of the Catalan electorate cast their vote. Ciutadans won the majority of votes, but failed to secure a parliament majority, securing 37 parliament seats. Pro-independence Junts per Catalunya and Esquerra Republicana secured 34 and 32 respectively, which is sufficient to form a ruling coalition, reports say. Regional elections were called by the Spanish government after it brought Catalonia under direct rule by triggering Article 155 of the constitution. This move was in response to a unilateral declaration of independence by the Catalan parliament based on the results of the disputed independence referendum of October 1.

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