Spain: Chinese immigrant runs Franco-themed bar in Madrid

The spirit of Franco lives on at a Madrid bar run by Chinese migrant Xianwei Chen, as shown on footage captured on Friday. At Xianwei Chen's Bar Oliva, the image of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco endures in posters, magnets, fascist flags, labels of wine bottles and military uniforms, among other memorabilia. «Life in China is way harder for workers, for the people, for a normal person there... Еще is no future. So my village is a village with the most emigrants from China,» said 42-year-old Xianwei, who moved to Spain 20 years ago. After working in a plastic factory, Xianwei moved into the restaurant business and bought Bar Oliva in 2011, turning it into an ode to Francoism. «We have conversations with our customers. Most part of the people, more than 90 percent of the people, they coexisted with Franco, they speak fondly of Franco, they speak fondly of that era. These people coexisted [with him], they know how it was,» Xianwei said of his customers, mostly far-right sympathisers. Xianwei expressed his preference for the far-right Vox party — poised to become the first far-right party to enter Spain's parliament since the advent of democracy in 1977 — by saying «I do not like any political party, but at least Vox is not like the others, anti-homeland, anti-History. So, Vox, so far is the best political party in Spain. I want Vox to win the elections and change Spain.»

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