Spain: Catalonian govt. targeted with «coordinated aggression» by Spanish state, police — Puigdemont

The Catalonian government has been the target of «coordinated aggression» carried out by Spanish police forces and the Interior Ministry, stated President of the Generalitat of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont in Barcelona, Wednesday. Speaking from the Regional Ministry of Economy, Puigdemont said that such a move was adopted by Spanish forces «with the objective of preventing all Catalonians from... Еще expressing themselves with freedom and peace on the 1st of October», as well as «suspending the government activity emerged from the polls on the 27th of September, 2015». The Catalonian president denounced the «aggression,» noting that it «is out of legal protection,» since «it has been perpetrated breaching the rule of law and all constitutional guaranties, breaking the bill of fundamental rights of the European Union.» Puigdemont stated that the «Spanish state has suspended de-facto the Catalonian self-government, and has applied de-facto a state of exception,» with freedoms of the involved authorities being «suspended and repressed.» Some 700 mayors face the risk of being arrested for supporting the independence referendum. Catalan citizens will vote in an upcoming historic independence referendum on October 1, in a ballot that has been ruled illegal and unconstitutional by the Spanish Supreme Court.

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