Spain: Catalonia's far-right rally for unity of Spain

Around 2,000 far-right protesters demonstrated in Barcelona on Sunday in Barcelona against the Catalan independence. Protesters held Francoist Spanish flags while shouting anti-independence slogans. They also insulted and made the fascist salute at an anti-fascist counter-demonstration. «The only remedy to this situation is suspending Catalan autonomy sine die, the dissolution of the Mossos [d... Еще'Esquadra] (Catalan police) and the illegalisation of the separatist parties and political forces that participated in the coup d'etat,» stated leader of far-right party VOX Santiago Abascal. The event was held two days before the 'Diada', Catalonia's National Day, in which a two-million strong pro-independence rally is due to take place in Barcelona.

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