Spain: ‘Catalonia is Spain!’ — Protesters rally against Catalan independence in Madrid

Thousands of protesters held a rally for «the unity of Spain» in Madrid, Saturday, one day after the Catalan parliament voted in favour of an independent Republic of Catalonia. Far-right protesters gathered in Callao, where they hit out at the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy for invoking Article 155 and demanded restoring to tougher measures to «defend the nation». The protesters later joined... Еще the main rally held at Plaza de Callao, attended by some of the city officials and politicians. Leader of the right-wing VOX party Santiago Abascal lambasted Catalan separatists as he addressed the rally, saying, «They declared independence, but they did so hidden under the anonymity of a secret voting, covered up like common criminals, and sheltered in the vileness of anonymity!» Tensions have flared in Spain following Catalan declaration of independence and Madrid's decision to impose direct rule over Catalonia. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has since dissolved the government of former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and has called for fresh elections.

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