Spain: Catalans react to Puigdemont's speech

People in Barcelona expressed their views on Catalonia President Carles Puigdemont's declaration the day before, Wednesday. Several said that even though they were slightly disappointed, they have faith in their president and believe that he is acting reasonably. «I think it was a reasonable declaration. I'm a bit disappointed, but I think we need to rely on the president,» said one man. Some... Еще expressed their desire to keep everything as it is and not change the way they live now. «I hope everything remains the same as now. We were living very well here in Catalonia and I want to keep living the same way,» said one resident. Puigdemont signed a declaration of independence on Tuesday, but halted its execution to allow for negotiations. Catalonia held a referendum on October 1 to decide on the region's independence. However, the Spanish government deemed the action 'illegal' and 'unconstitutional'.


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