Spain: Catalan town erects Christmas tree with political twist

The city council of Vic in Catalonia has erected a Christmas tree on Thursday, replacing the traditional star with a symbolic yellow ribbon. The yellow ribbon represents the political prisoners arrested during Catalonia's independence vote and was put up despite Spanish government restrictions on displaying political symbols during the build up to the December 21 regional elections. One... Еще resident of Vic, who is in favour of Catalonian, said “this ribbon represents four people who are in prison without doing anything. They try to raise a rebellion and we did not get one — it has always been peaceful. They only have a problem, we are Catalan. I am not in Spain, I am against the government of Spain — which is a corrupt government and is one of the most corrupt in Europe.» Catalonia’s October 1 independence referendum was declared an illegal ballot by the Spanish state and led to the imprisonment of several counsellors of the Generalitat Catalana. The leader of the left independence party Esquerra Republicana, Oriol Junqueras and the ex-Interior Minister Joaquim Forn are still in prison following Spain's dissolution of the Catalan government. However, six imprisoned counsellors were released December 4. Following the implementation of article 155 by the Spanish government in October 2017, new regional elections are set to take place on December 21 to form a new Catalan government.

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