Spain: Catalan teachers deny inciting hatred against Madrid

Catalan teachers’ union USTEC on Tuesday in Barcelona denied allegations it is inflaming hatred among students against the Spanish government. One member explained: «Ciutadanos MP Toni Canto [deputy of the Congress of Deputies] brought a motion against indoctrination, claiming that 'they didn't do anything to prevent secessionists from indoctrinating our sons.» «We condemn these allegations as... Еще we consider them lacking respect, an offense to all the teachers in Catalonia and to their professionalism,» — reacted the representative of the Catalan teachers, adding: «These allegations are instrumental for the government to justify the centralisation of educative competences.» Commenting on the possible triggering of the Article 155, the representatives of the Union said: «We understand that the situation we are living these days in Catalonia is absolutely serious.» They also added that the current political situation resembles Spain in the times of Francisco Franco's dictatorship. The USTEC teachers' union have already announced that they won’t recognize any authority on the education system imposed by the Spanish government by triggering the Article 155. The Spanish Senate is expected to approve the application of Article 155 that will suspend Catalan's autonomy on Friday. The article was passed by Rajoy's government last week.

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