Spain: Catalan students strike over cost of education and independence

The Catalonian Student Union (SEPC) took to the streets of Barcelona on Thursday, to criticise the rising cost of education and demand the repeal of Article 155, which placed the region under direct rule from Madrid. Picketers forced key universities in Barcelona and Girona to close, as well as causing severe disruption at many high schools. Coral Latorre, a member of the SEPC, said students... Еще would not stand idly by as «Catalonia lives in a Francoist state of emergency where the popular sovereignty of the Catalan people is oppressed by Article 155.» Fellow SEPC supporter Merce Teres spoke of the need for education to be a «pillar» of the Catalan republic, arguing that students should lead the push back against «neoliberal and privatization policies.»

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