Spain: Catalan separatist politicians criticise Spanish government in court

Catalan politicians jailed for their role in the 2017 independence referendum appeared in court in Madrid on Wednesday, at the conclusion of a four-month trial, using their time on the stand to criticise the Spanish government for their response to the separatist movement. The defendants include Former Vice-President of the Catalan Government Oriol Junqueras, who said, «Voting or defending the... Еще republic from within a parliament cannot be considered a crime.» Josep Rull, another Catalan politician, called the Spanish government weak, unfavourably comparing it to its British and Canadian counterparts, saying, «The strong deal, the weak impose. The United Kingdom or Canada know that they have something interesting to offer the Scottish or Canadians, and for that reason, voting is not a problem or a threat.» Former Counselor and Spokesperson of the Presidency of Catalonia Jordi Turull said, «That logic of confusing criticism with lack of respect or with attacks only exists in mindsets with low self-confidence or in authoritarian mindsets.» The defendants have been in pre-trial custody since 2018. Although the trial phase is over, no verdict is expected from the court until September. MANDATORY CREDIT: ACN mandatory credit: acn

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