Spain: Catalan police demand justice and better pay in Barcelona

Thousands of representatives of Catalonia's police force and their supporters took to streets in Barcelona on Saturday, to demand higher salaries and better working conditions as well as to protest against the aggression towards law enforcement. After marching through streets, the demonstrators held a rally at the Palace of the Generalitat which is home to the regional government, holding... Еще banners and calling for resignation of the Catalan Minister of the Interior Miquel Buch. «There is the lack of officers which doesn't let us provide service to the citizens as we would like and there is a lack of equipment. We also should not forget what happened on September 28 and October 1,» said spokesperson for the Mossos d'Esquadra, David Miquel, referring to the clashes between Catalan separatists and police in Barcelona last year. «As you can understand, the staff doesn't understand, and the labour union neither, why when aggression against the police occurs, authorities responsible for the police do not condemn this aggression,» he added.

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