Spain: Catalan parliament to decide next move on Thursday

The Catalan parliament will meet on Thursday to decide the next move in its battle for independence, it said on Monday. The plenary session will be held one day before the Spanish senate is expected to vote to remove leader Carles Puigdemont and strip his administration of its powers. The announcement sparked polarized reactions. Joan Coscubiela, spokesperson of 'Catalonia Yes We Can' said... Еще: «For us, the upcoming plenary session is an opportunity to build an as much as possible unitary answer to the barbaric article 155 of Mr. Rajoy.» Meanwhile, Xavier Garcia Albiol, member of Parliament of Catalonia for the Popular Party said: «The implementation, if the Senate finally approves it like this, of article 155 does not mean suspending the self-government of Catalonia. It means, as I said before, to guarantee its survival and to avoid what is happening now, which is the denting of this rule of law, of this self-government, on behalf of the Generalitat’s own government.»

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