Spain: Catalan Parliament president condemns 'vile' attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils

Catalan Parliament President Carme Forcadell condemned the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils in an official statement in Catalan Parliament on Friday. «The president of parliament, the chair and the representatives of the parliamentary groups representing the citizens of Catalonia express their strongest condemnation of and repulsion at the brutal and savage attacks yesterday in the Rambla of... Еще Barcelona and in the following hours in Cambrils» she said, adding «democracy and freedom will never be defeated by vile and criminal acts and will always prevail over terror and barbarity.» A van mowed down dozens of people along La Rambla in central Barcelona on Thursday. Police have reported that the incident has already claimed the lives of 14 people. The so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) have claimed responsibility for the attack. A similar attack took place in the coastal town of Cambrils some hours later, when an Audi A3 ploughed into a group of people, early on Friday morning, killing a total of five and injuring one police officer. Five suspects were shot dead, some of whom were wearing fake suicide belts, according to Catalan Interior Minister Joaquim Forn.
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