Spain: Catalan parliament defends Puigdemont

Catalonia's majority separatist parliament approved a motion that recognises the legitimacy of ousted leader Carles Puigdemont as President of Catalonia in Barcelona, Thursday. The three pro-independence parties Junts per Catalunya (JxCat), Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) and Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (CUP) voted in favour. «We need to recover the Generalitat in order to move... Еще forward and continue walking and, at the same time, we need to give complete recognition to President Carles Puigdemont in Brussels,» said ERC General Secretary Marta Rovira. The three parties also used their majority to approve a motion recognising a regional independence referendum last October as legally valid, even though the Constitutional Court had ruled that it couldn't go ahead. The former president has remained in Belgium since the unsanctioned Catalan independence elections in October.

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